Sintra Dimensional Lettering

Best for large letters and shapes being mounted to interior walls. Routed to shape, Sintra comes in a variety of thicknesses and a few colors that can be combined to create a unique look. 

Material: Sintra (PVC) 1/8", 1/4", or 1/2" thick
Colors: White, black, & some basic colors
Applied to: Most interior painted walls
Finishing: VHB tape or spacers for wall mounting.
Cardboard template for installation registration.
Customization: Add a vinyl face for other colors
Long-term use
Site evaluation & installation recommended

We are happy to design the graphic or you can supply a print-ready file.  We recommend a site visit to evaluate the space measurements.

Custom sizing: Provide files at full-size
Bleed: None
Fonts: Convert all text to outlines
Color space: CMYK or RGB are both acceptable 
Images: Embed
Resolution: 200ppi is ideal if using raster graphics
Cut line: Must have vector cut line

Preferred file types:
PDF, EPS, AI (Cut lines must be vector)