Suede Wall Murals

Suede Wall Covering Murals

This printed commercial-grade wall covering is ideal for permanent indoor murals and is installed just like wallpaper.  It can be laminated when used in high-traffic areas like restaurants, gyms and hallways. 

Material: Dreamscape - Suede
Laminate: Optional satin liquid coating
(Use in high-traffic areas and restaurants)
Long-term use
Site evaluation & installation recommended

We are happy to design the graphic or you can supply a file.  Please give us a call as these types of projects take collaboration with our graphics team.

Custom sizing: Supply files at full-size when possible
(Areas larger than 4' wide are split into panels)
Bleed: 4" on all sides
Fonts: Convert all text to outlines
Color space: CMYK or RGB are both acceptable 
Images: Embed
Resolution: 200ppi is ideal

Preferred file types: TIFF, PDF 
Other accepted file types: PSD, JPG, AI, EPS