Custom Corex Projects

Custom Corex Projects

Corrugated Plastic is versatile for custom projects. The flutes can be used for stakes, folds or strategically placed for rigidity. Thicker corex is strong and can withstand heavy use. Got an idea? Give us a call and we’ll figure out how to build it.

Printed on: Standard calendered vinyl
Laminate: Standard satin, gloss or no laminate
Substrate: White Corex (corrugated plastic)
Thickness: 4mm, 6mm or 10mm 
Size: Any size! 4’ x 8’ or smaller for one board
Single or double-sided
Customization: Cut to shape, folds along flutes, weighted bases, frames, stakes, grommets and more.

Let us know what you want to accomplish so we can help you select the right product and finishing.

We are happy to design the graphic or you can supply a print-ready file

Graphic size: Custom, create files at full size
Bleed: Depends on the project
Fonts: Convert all text to outlines
Color space: CMYK or RGB are both acceptable 
Images: Embed
Resolution: 200ppi is ideal, 96ppi if only viewed from a distance

Preferred file types: TIFF, PDF 
Other accepted file types: PSD, JPG, AI, EPS
Cut vinyl projects: Must be vector  PDF, EPS or AI with outlined text