Premium Contour Cut Stickers

Made from the same vinyl we use for car wraps, premium printed stickers can be applied to complex shapes and uneven surfaces. This high-tech adhesive also makes it the easiest to remove over time. Choose between glossy and satin laminate.

Printed on: Premium cast vinyl
Laminate: Satin or gloss 
Thickness: 6mil - vinyl and laminate combined
Size: Custom,  1" - 48"
- Contour cut to backing paper
- Supplied in sheets
- Trim to individuals for additional charge

We are happy to design the graphic or you can supply a print-ready file

Graphic size: Custom, create files at full size
Bleed: None
Fonts: Convert all text to outlines
Color space: CMYK or RGB are both acceptable 
Images: Embed
Resolution: 200ppi is ideal, 96ppi if only viewed from a distance

Preferred file types: PDF, EPS or AI with outlined text
Other accepted file types: PSD, JPG 
(Supplied cut lines must be vector shapes)