What is a vehicle wrap?

Wrap films are specially formulated, high-tech vinyl stickers created for installation on vehicles. We can print almost anything you want, designed specifically for your vehicle. Your custom design can include colorful photos, illustrated graphics, logos, marketing elements, specialty colors and more. Wrap film is removable, so the vehicle can be returned to its original condition if necessary.

How much does a wrap cost?
We customize each project to your goals and budget. The items that affect pricing are square feet of material and complexity of both labor and graphic design. Let us know what your budget parameters are. We like the challenge of creating the most bang for your buck. We want to make our wraps effective so you can generate more business. Check out this pricing guide.
How long do vehicle wraps last?
Manufacturers design the wrap film to last about five years. Factors that determine the wrap’s longevity are overall sun exposure, how often the vehicle is washed, how much day-to-day stress the wrap gets from driving and rough use. Horizontal surfaces, such as hoods and roofs of vehicles, are the first places where a wrap will begin to fade. The clear laminates that we use offer the latest in UV protection and will help those sun-facing surfaces last as long as possible. Wrapped vehicles are a representation of your business; keeping them clean and well cared for helps your company’s reputation as well as helping your wrap investment last longer.
Can your vehicle wrap damage my paint?
No, but improper installation, materials or removal can. We avoid installation practices that can cause poor adhesion or damage such as razor blade scratches. Not all wrap vinyl or paint is created equal; some vinyl on the market can cause paint damage. We use materials made to be removable from manufacturer paint. Be aware that if your paint is not original from the manufacturer, it is possible that removal of your wrap could lift off some of the existing paint. While it doesn’t happen very often, we want you to know of this risk.
Will a wrap protect my vehicle?
Yes. The wrap film does offer a thin layer of protection from scratches, keeping your paint that much safer. For areas that get more use, such as door edges and service doors, we offer a thicker, protective laminate to help those areas last longer. If your wrap gets a tear or scratch, we can remove and re-wrap the affected body panel only. This can be a much easier and cheaper repair than repainting.
Can the graphics be removed?
Yes. While it is a bit of a tedious process to undertake, we offer wrap removal services as well as installation and would be happy to assist you. Bring your vehicle by, and we can work up a quote to remove the vinyl. For vehicles with partial wraps or graphics such as text or stripes, when the vinyl is removed, the paint underneath will be glossy, while the areas around it will look dull in comparison. In those cases, we recommend using a body shop or detail shop to remove the vinyl so they can buff the paint to bring it to an even, consistent finish.
Where can I go to get my vehicle graphics designed?
Right here! We have over 10 years of wrap design experience. Our design team uses Photoshop templates or actual pictures of your vehicle so you can really see what your wrap will look like. Our company fleet or individual vehicle wrap designs will assure that your brand gets noticed, capturing attention both on and off the road. We welcome feedback and will make any necessary changes until it’s just right. Of course, we are happy to work with your existing designer, but wraps can be tricky. We can provide templates and advice to make sure your wrap is effective. Regardless, we always double check all the design files to make sure they are adapted to the three-dimensionality of the vehicle, and we do any industry-specific file preparation needed for the success of your project.
How long does the installation process take?
We try to keep your vehicle’s time off the road to a minimum. Typically, we need to have your vehicle for one to three days. There are many factors that affect how long the installation process takes, such as vehicle size and amount of coverage. Got a deadline coming up fast or only have certain days free? Let us know, and we can tell you what’s possible.
How do I care for my vehicle wrap?
We recommend hand washing with non-abrasive car wash soap and water. Avoid using spinning-brush car washes, as they can damage the wrap surface and lift the edges of certain graphics. Those brushes are really hard on even a painted car. Check out our complete wrap care guide.
Does my vehicle need to be clean before I can wrap it?
The best thing you can do to ensure a successful installation is to have a clean, wax-free surface. Ideally, we need the vehicle to be washed well and dried the day before it comes in. Don’t forget about all the door jambs, fender wells and window channels if graphics are going over those areas. Think about the nooks and crannies that rarely get attention during a typical wash. We also don’t want your vehicle to be waxed before it’s brought in. Some clients take their vehicle to a detailing shop for the full treatment before bringing it to us, but sometimes that means waxing it, and that can lead to your graphics failing. We understand that we live in a rainy state, and you can’t always keep your vehicle dry. We still need it washed the day before you bring it in. It saves us time on installation preparation, and that saves you money. Ideally, you would take your vehicle to a detail shop for a thorough cleaning before bringing it to us. Here are a few we recommend: Executive Detail: 615 River Rd. Eugene (541) 342-3719 N-Touch: 610 Commercial St. Unit D - off Bertelson (541) 743-5155 Top Class: 3125 Cross St. Unit F (541) 654-4523
Paint vs. wrap: which is cheaper?
That depends on a few factors. The first question we’ll ask you is what do you want your vehicle to look like when it’s done? For example, we’ve had customers bring us older vans that they wanted to be all one color with some basic single-color stripes and lettering. In those situations, it can be cheaper to have the whole van painted first and then have us install the vinyl lettering. But when a similar van comes in and the customer wants eye-catching graphics and perhaps some photos that convey their business, it is much more economical to print and install a wrap than to have the van custom airbrushed. Paint colors affect the price of a paint job, as does the amount of coverage: however, paint vs. vinyl is really apples vs. oranges. They are two different things, and they both have pros and cons.
I have an older vehicle that I’d like to wrap instead of paint. Will this work?
No. Wrap film is specifically designed for installation over sound, glossy paint. It will not stick to chalky, primed or peeling paint. Wrap vinyl is not a replacement for a new paint job. However, we do apply marketing graphics to older vehicles all the time! We are happy to evaluate your vehicle’s surface for adhesive longevity. We can advise you on questionable areas and will refer you to a body shop if your vehicle needs any buffing or painting prior to graphics installation.
What happens if my wrap gets damaged?
We can remove and replace just the vinyl section that was damaged from one body panel edge to another. For printed graphics, we keep the original digital files on hand from each job we produce, making partial reprints easy.
What are the benefits of a vehicle wrap?
If you have a vehicle that’s on the road a lot or parked someplace visible, wrapping it can be one of the best ways to spend your advertising dollars. Compare a one-time wrap cost to monthly billboard fees. Tired of your vehicle’s old color? Feel like you have a new car by changing the color or finish on all or part of it. Vinyl wrap films come in hundreds of colors and can be matte, satin, gloss, brushed, carbon fiber, metallic flake, matte metallic, chrome, have sparkles or even have leather-like textures. We’ve got samples! When we wrap your vehicle in a solid color, it’s difficult to tell that it’s not paint. People will say, “Nice paint job!” You can wrap your leased vehicle and not have to worry about the warranty or lease agreement. But always tell us if we are working on a leased vehicle, as some of our partial coverage options are not ideal for this situation. No matter what your circumstances are, a unique custom vehicle will always turn heads.